Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida to Ohio to Australia

The time in Florida flew by. Lipe and I had one last dinner together at Mezza Luna in Neptune Beachthe night before I left. It’s a cozy Italian joint with standard pastas and pizzas and a killer dirty vodka martini. We ordered a bottle of Australian red and toasted to adventures to come!

Our last lunch together was at a Angie’s Subs, a (not-so) hidden gem in Jax Beach near my old apartment. Subs are cheap cheap cheap and they claim to serve the best iced tea in Jacksonville. Waits are long long long but the décor is surfer-y and sort of ghetto (surfer ghetto, that will probably be a typical design aesthetic in Australia?). It’s the kind of place where you sit down, look around at the clientele, and suddenly feel too old, too pasty and too chubby to be hanging out with all the skinny tanned young’uns. Hey, I still get carded at bars so I can at least hold my own with the 20-year-old “in” crowd.

After our lunch at Angie’s it was off to the airport and goodbye to Lipe for five weeks! Lucky him, he got to go to perpetual summer in Sydney and I had to head back to Ohio (where it’s literally been snowing nonstop for seven days). He’s since arrived safely, found an apartment, made some friends (including a BC alum he met on Bondi Beach), and started classes at University of New South WalesAustralian Graduate School of Management. Not too shabby!

For those of you who are still confused about what I’ll be studying, I thought I’d post the link to the University of Adelaide/ Le Cordon Bleu Master of Arts in Gastronomy program. If you’re interested, check it out. It’s "a unique program for people with a passion for food and drink and a desire to understand the history and culture of food and drink." It's for people like me! Bonus points: Adelaide is a beautiful city in South Australia, famous for its food, wine, and numerous festivals. It’s a stone’s throw from the beach to the west and surrounded by wine country to the north, south and east. Can’t wait to learn and explore and meet my classmates and eat tons and tons of yummy food… Life just isn’t half bad.

Until I leave in mid-February, I’m hangin’ with the fam in Ohio. Ma and pa have forced me into culinary slavery so I’ve been whipping up some comfort classics for them almost every night – recipes and photos to follow. I’m also rediscovering the joys of pizza and Italian American food (Ohio has the best of both!) at the many restaurants in the area, and learning a thing or two from my aunts who REALLY know their stuff when it comes to delish food.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cari! My name is Katie, I see that your getting ready to go to Adalaide for the Gastronomy program?! I'm from Chicago and have just applied. I'm deciding b/w there and Boston University. What made you choose Australia? The program looks amazing and I've talked to poeple who have attended and they love it too...I'd love to hear your thoughts! I'll give you my e-mail once I know you've gotten this, or send me yours. Thanks!

Cari said...

Hi Katie! Drop me an email at carisanchez1 at I've been here in South Australia doing the Gastronomy program since February and would be happy to talk to you about it!

D said...

Hi Carie!
I'm Davis.
Im in the similar boat as Katie, so Ill drop you an email too.

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!