Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowls of Food

I love the Super Bowl for one reason, and one reason only: FOOD (obviously). I complain and pout incessantly throughout the football season since it's entirely possible (and highly likely) to catch football-related programming at any hour of the day, seven days a week, for six months of the year. The only time I'm okay with this is when PTI is gossiping about Tom Brady's most recent scandalous love affair with an impossible hot superstar (that's some juicy stuff, and man is he cute. Go Pats!). I must also admit to being thoroughly entertained and quite blown away by Prince's halftime performance last year. When I was a marketing major at BC I think I liked the Super Bowl commercials because I thought I should, but this year the only one that caught my attention involved a man dressed as a hug rat jumping through a wall in order to beat up a man eating a bag of Doritos. Very classy.

So, happily the entire season redeems itself during the final game, when man, woman, and child alike gather in front of the television, and an excuse for a party is born! This is truly the most American of occasions, an event hich brings people from all corners of our vast nation together and represents some of the most interesting sectors of our culture: entertainment (sport of football), economy (commercials), cuisine (fried, dipped, and chugged), religion (television, dare I say), art (halftime music show), values (rooting for the underdog. Boo, Giants). It's a day when all Americans have an excuse to eat food that is horrible for the waistline and drink too much beer for a Sunday night (no respectable Super Bowl party serves wine, or cheese that isn't melted, mixed with jarred salsa, and served with tortilla chips). The only healthy fare available is in the form of a vegetable tray, and even that is accompanied almost ritualistically by goppy ranch dressing. Admittedly, my party did break a few rules - only three people attended, I was the only one drinking beer, I only drank one beer, and it was an import. Also, there were no chips, salsa, or chili on the menu (there were only three of us - how much food did you expect me to make?!). Nevertheless, we utilized the deep fryer to full advantage and ate extremely well:
On the menu: Veggie Delight Platter with Homemade Bleu Cheese Dressing, Southwest Eggrolls with Ranch Dip, Pan-Fried Onion Dip with bagel Crisps, Smokin' Hot Buffalo Wings, Barbecue Wings, and a Red Stripe

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