Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fattening up Phil

Phil hung out in Adelaide for another week or so. I treated him as an honored guest and made an attempt to fatten him up. Skinny boy needs it! I fed him Bopi’s pastelillos (just look at that buttery, flaky crust, no store bought crust can compare!)….

Homemade chicken and leek pies (actually, the puff pastry wasn't homemade. Screw that!)…

Wedges and beer…

Ah, Lipe and potato wedges, my two favorite things about Australia!!

And we hopped the train to the seaside town of Semaphore to hunt down some of the best fish and chips in the state.

Soto’s Fish and Chips for sure lived up to our expectations. The place is nothing special really at first glance. You’d pass it on the street without a second look, and it has no tables to dine-in and no atmosphere to speak of. But the fish comes in fresh every day and they batter and fry it to order. They also hand cut their fries and DOUBLE FRY them… first at a low temperature to slowly cook the inside, then again at a high temperature to crisp up the outside. I’m a fry fanatic and these were some of the best. They douse your meal in vinegar and wrap up the whole lot into a big paper bundle of joy. I carefully walked our parcel of goodness down to the beach…

We snagged the best seat in the house, with an ocean view…

And dug in!!!

Semaphore was a lovely beach, but my focus was obviously not on the sites but more on the fried goodies.

That week Jackie played the hostess with the mostest and had us and the crew over for a gigundous Italian feast.

She made the table real purdy and fancy for us.

And we feasted like royalty on Jackie’s braised rabbit and Italian greens, Amy’s b├ęchamel and bolognese lasagna with homemade cracked pepper pasta sheets, garlic and oregano bread, and a salad of tomato, mozzarella, and basil.

Good chats, good company, amazing food, and of course Bob’s perfect wine selections…. I may be a broke college student, but I dine like a billionaire!!! I probably should also weigh a billion pounds! (Or, 454,545,454.5 kilos, to you Aussies)

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The Collector said...

If you want to try the best fish and chips in the state, then I recommend Flying Fish Restaurant Cafe at Port Elliot - it's a bit of a drive, but worth it :)