Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheese, and other Miscellanies

It’s been so long since I’ve written that I’m not exactly sure where to start. So, I’ll take the easy route and start with cheese. I’ll probably end with cheese, too, but whatever happens in between I can’t be held accountable for.

I eat a lot of cheese. I like cheese. There’s a shop at the market called the Smelly Cheese Shop and I like to go there. They said the cheese was smelly, so I decided to try for myself:

Here is one of my recent purchases there, a Tasmanian washed rind cow’s milk cheese wrapped in vine leaves accompanied by quince paste, a focaccia roll, a cheese stick for good measure, and local olive oil.

I like this photo of Meagan because there is a Cheese sign behind her, which is funny because she is smiling for the photo and awesome because I ate some delicious cheese right before taking the photo.

Cheese shops have clever names in South Australia. This one is called Udder Delights and was one of the stops on a class field trip (my program rules) to the Adelaide Hills. Apart from this cheese platter (which was shared amongst the group)...

I consumed an entire roll of chevre myself melted over open faced caramelized onion sandwiches.

Here I am with my classmates. I believe this was pre-cheese.

After eating lots of cheese the next stop on our field trip was to the Bird in Hand winery. So after a tasting we were all full of cheese and full of wine and I doubt anyone did homework that evening.

Say, cheese! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Another school fieldtrip was also cheese-related. The class visited Producers of McLaren Vale to meet the couple who manages the operation. We had a lovely local homemade lunch overlooking the vineyards, with a roaring fire, and learned about the challenges of managing a gastronomic tourism small business, and rallying the local food community behind the efforts.

On the menu was duck soup with salads and breads and almonds and quince paste and olive oil made on premise.

And cheese, too!

And everyone’s favorite of the day, a flourless orange almond cake made with oranges picked from the trees in the garden that very morning.

Everyone stocked up on preserves and wines and olive oils made in-house (which all tasted much much better than Amy’s face suggests).

Meagan and I couldn’t resist a photo opp with the vineyard in the background. Do you notice anything strange and/or especially shiny in this photo?

You don’t? Well, look closer and you will discover the reason for my prolonged absence from blogging in the blogosphere. That’s a big shiny rock on my finger – I got engaged last month! Being engaged is a full time job, and I am a full time student, so I have been a busy bee these past weeks writing a final essay and planning a wedding. The good news is that Phil and I celebrated our engagement first in Sydney and then right here in Adelaide with a picnic by the Torrens including a number of fine cheeses!

Here is a play-by-play or our engagement photo shoot.

Pop the champagne.

Drink the champagne (it was actually a cheap sparkling white wine that we drank out of plastic cups but who has to know?).

Pause for a photo.

Eat some cheese.

Change location. Cheesy photo.

Change location. 1,000 more cheesy photos (I will spare you from 999 of them).

A wedding is going to be fun! A big party! I’ve decided to wear my mom’s wedding dress, and with my super photoshopping skills I superimposed a photo of my mom’s dress over a full-body shot of me so you can get an idea of what I will look like on my wedding day:

I think I better stop eating so much cheese.


Anonymous said...

Yay, glad you're back! Congratulations on your engagement.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, lady! I am so jealous--your class totally got more field trips than my class did, and heaps more cheese. It makes me miss Adelaide so much. Congrats again on the engagement and hey, eat some dumplings for me, would ya? I'm dying over here.