Monday, February 23, 2009


Home to the International Watch Company (IWC) - one of the country’s most luxurious brands - and located on the Rhein, Schaffhausen is uniquely Swiss-German. After an interesting tour at IWC with Phil’s MBA class where we got to watch watch-makers and wear watches worth $350,000, we made the climb up to the city’s circular Munot (castle). Creepy things probably happened here in the past, and they still happen here today.

But the castle is mostly a great spot for views over Schaffhausen and the Rhein.

On the rooftop is a stage for summertime plays and concerts. I performed a graceful ballet solo to a packed house.

We love Switzerland.

Sorry folks, no food in this short post, lunch in Schaffhausen was snowflakes and sunshine. Oh, and a packed lunch of bread and pretzels and smoked sausages and cheeses, but I eat that almost every day so didn’t think it was special enough to take a photo…

Did you know that the largest waterfall in Europe is in northeastern Switzerland? Schaffhausen is the gateway to the huge and spectacular Rheinfalls.

Oh, oops, sorry wrong photo. Here’s the Rheinfalls. I forgot, they’re NOT huge and spectacular… !

I guess seeing this waterfall is a tick off of a travel list but if you have limited time to spend in the country I wouldn’t recommend the trek. There are so many worthwhile trips in this part of Switzerland, I mean you could spend more time in Schaffhausen or take a boat down the Rhine or stroll around Stein am Rhein… sorry Rheinfalls, you were kind of disappointing, but worthwhile for a good laugh!

Stay tuned later this week for gastronomic adventures in Innsbruck, Austria…

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